Shackles of the past.

I can’t explain this darkness in me,
I can’t explain the hate that dwells in me,
I can’t explain this pain,
This agonizing ache,
That consumes all of me,
I can’t explain this demon,
This demon that resides in me,
I can’t even outline my basic profound days,
Neither my sleepless nights,
My seething madness,
Caused by the monsters in my head,
That torment me with their screaming thoughts,
Thoughts created from a painful past that left me for dead,dead inside.

My pathetic,tormented soul screams for peace,freedom?
I draw my last breath as i long to be seen,
I long for them to free me,
Let me spread my wings,
Finally be free,
And possibly happy.

Last Night😿

Last night I had a dream,
In my dream,
I am in a bittersweet mirage,
Thats tempting my cold heart,
My thoughts are swirling in circles,
But sadly,no matter how much i try,the swirling wont stop.

Shadows of what was,
Or what wouldve been,
Are still rolling dice,
Trying to uncover the unseen.

Whispers of the past,
Theyre really drowning me,
Pulling me in,
I am drawn to the memories,
Touching my chilled skin.

Cravings,so hard to neglect,
Sleeping to survive,
I just want to close my eyes,
Forever possibly,
Breathing but closed from the world,
Because in my dreams baby,you are still alive❤❤


I still talk to you,
But,i have no reply,
I can still feel your presence,
Yes,i can,
Wherever i look at the stars.

I can still hear your voice Babe,
But i can hear no sound,
Only an eerie echo of silence,
That follows me around.

I know,i hurt inside,when we walk side by side,
Yet i can’t hold your hand.
I always find it hard to understand.

My hapiness was shortlived,
My days seem longer,
My nights unbearable,
Our sweetdreams are now turned into nightmares,
He took you away from me,He took you home.

Our love lives on,unfading,
Burning like the fiery sun all through,
Though you are miles away,
Memories of us still lurk.

Your spirit’ll never die,
Like stars,our memories will live on,
Six feet under,
But in my heart,you live on Babe.

Holding On.

Suspended in air,almost floating,but falling all the same,All my life’s moments are seen in reverse as my memories continue compiling.

Rising up,yet never landing,
Morning comes to cushion the fall,
In the dark as i lay,the sun hiding,as the night engulfs all.

Fear with falling holds up,
Steeped within a dream,
See the ground rapidly rising,
So too with my silent scream.

Long after i wake,
Maybe,just maybe,
The dreams foreshadow,
Falls in my future.

If i’d really known before,
You were my need,
I should’ve stayed where my heart was with my soul,
Got nothing right now,just a blurred reflection,
A reflection of the broken time,trapped in the abyss.